Living With Dyslexia as an Adult

If studies are anything to go by, 10 per cent of adults in the UK and US live with dyslexia. That tells you how this learning difference has taken a toll on the adult population, especially in these countries. And while there are places where dyslexia is still known as a learning disability, in the UK, it is now referred to as a learning difference of some sort. Now, back to the gist.

adult with dyslexia that reads

The Silent Struggles of Dyslexic Adults and How Assistive Technology Can Help

Adults living with dyslexia undergo many struggles, which we may not be able to name all here. This article looks at some of these struggles and how assistive technology can help adults deal with them.

Difficulty concentrating: While this may not cut across all dyslexic adults, some of them find it difficult to concentrate, especially in a noisy environment. One way to deal with this problem is to use noise-cancelling headphones.

Memory problems: Some adults living with dyslexia find it difficult to remember, especially when learning involves taking in a large amount of information. This does not only make information processing difficult, but it also results in time management problems. To deal with this challenge, these people can take advantage of time management features available in smartphones, computers, watches, and even applications. Setting reminders and alarms on these devices will help a great deal.

Problem writing and reading: Dyslexic adults may experience difficulty in reading as a result of confusing words and letters. Some patients have revealed that it is different when they read the same sentence or paragraph twice. When it comes to writing emails and letters, some dyslexic adults also find this challenging as they need a lot of time to proofread what they have written. Thankfully, there are lots of proofreading software that can be used to take the stress out of the equation in this respect.


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